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Lori Munson

Pioneer Superior Performance

Lori started bowling in the St. Paul Area in 1989.  She bowled in Wisconsin leagues since the age of 9.  National Accomplishments included: Finished fifth in the Team Championships in 2002; bowled a 726 in 2010 and an All Events of 1886 in 2010.  State Accomplishments include: Minnesota Scratch Team Event Champion in 1996 and the Virginia Pechocek Award winner; in; Singles Champion with a 726 in 2004; shot an 805 in the MN State Tournament in 2010; Won the All Events Championship in 2010 in the State Tournament; Team Champion in 2008 with a 3rd Place Place in All Events in the same year. City accomplishments were: In 2002 Lori was a member of the St. Paul Limited Average Team Champions; in 2005 she was the St. Paul All Events Champion; in 2003 she was the St. Paul Singles Champion.; on the St. Paul All-City Team many times and making Queen several times. Other Tournament titles include: Minneapolis City Doubles in 1995; Minneapolis All Events Title actual and Handicap in 1995 and 2005; Had a 974 in the 700 Club Tournament in 2010.  She has been a coach for Youth Bowling for 6 years and was a coach for the Park High School Bowling Team.  Her High Average is 214, High game is 300 and Highest Series is 805. She has bowled in the National Tournament 13 years, the State Tournament 15 Years and the City Tournament 15 years.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013