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Gary Niemzyck

Pioneer Superior Performance

National accomplishments: 4th Place in ABC All Events with a 2054 in 1976 (691-669-694); 6th Place in ABC Doubles in 1976; Rolled a 298 Game in ABC Singles in 1992; 197 average in 37 years with two 2000+ series at the National ABC Tournament.
State accomplishments are 1972 Minnesota State Doubles Title and Minnesota State Team Title in 1981. City Accomplishments are 1962-63 Scratch Team Title and 1970-71 Doubles (Scratch and Handicap) Title.
Other accomplishments are: 1960 University of Minnesota Homecoming Champion; Alexandria Doubles Champion in the 1970’s twice; 1977 Cold Spring Kegler Doubles Champion; 1970 Cold Spring Kegler Team Champion; 1992 and 1999 St. Paul 700 Club "AA" Division Champion; 1970-71 Member of the St. Paul City All City First Team. Won the 1977 St. Cloud Doubles Event. Won the Jerry Noonan Award in 1970-71 with a 749. Was an All Star Bowler at age 15.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013