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JohnM O'Brien

Pioneers of Yesterday

Bowledin St. Paul leagues more than 30 years.  In1969, as a member of Norm's Standard Bowling Team, contributed 674 of the 3355score which was, at the time, the highest team score in Minnesota for the1968-69 season.  In 1970, as amember of Carbone's Pizza Team, contributed 694 of the 3461 score which was, atthe time, fourth best team score in the nation for the 1969-70 season. 
Wonthe St. Paul "City" Actual All Events title in 1963. Contributed 695 as a member of St. Paul's "City" ChampionshipClass A Team in 1979.  Was afinalist in St. Paul's Masters Tournament six times. Placed high on the prize list of Chicago's Peterson Classic and twice onthe tournament's major prize list.
Wasnamed to St. Paul's All City 2nd Team in 1963 and again in 1975. High single game is 290 and high series is 778. Rolled more than sixty 700 plus series and has a lifetime compositeaverage of, at least, 200.  Hishighest final season average was 211.

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