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Clark Poelzer

Pioneer Superior Performance

Clark is married with two children. His wife's name is Kristine. For 10 years he has served as a coach and president of the YABA at Flaherty's. He is currently serving as CBA president for a third consecutive term, served as CBA vice-president for 5 years and a CBA board member for 10 years. He initiated the CBA Hall of Fame and Tournament of Champions. Clark has seven 300's, two 299's and two 298's. His high three game series is 833. He has participated in sanctioned league competition for 23 years with a high average of 223. He has bowled in the State Tournament for 20 years. He has bowled over one hundred and fifty 700 series. He has won seven CBA titles (Singles title 5 times, doubles title once and CBA/MJBT doubles title once) and was bowler of the year in 1995. He has been named to seven CBA All Star teams (First Team three times and Second Team four times. He was elected to the CBA Hall of Fame in the fall of 1996. He has won the following titles: Team title in Fairmont (twice), Team title in St. Cloud (four), Team title in Hibbing (Three), Team title at Minnehaha (three), Team title at Fargo (five), Fairmont Singles and all Events (once), Minnehaha Doubles (once), St. Paul City All Events (1975-76, 1979-80), St. Paul City Doubles (1975-76, 1984-85), winner of the George Dodor Award (1979-80, 1990-91), winner of the Jerry Noonan Award (1979-80), Minneapolis City All Events in 1985-86, Minneapolis Singles (1985-86, 1995-96), the Minneapolis Team Event (1995-96), the Minneapolis Team Challenge (1996-97), Minnesota Team Title in 1987-88 and the Minnesota All Events Title in 1994-95. He is second in the ABC for consecutive 200 games with 17. He has two back to back 2000+ All Events scores in the ABC's with a high of 2111 in 1991. He has a 199.7 average for 21 years in the ABC.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013