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Gloria Poole

Pioneer Superior Performance

Started bowling in 1973. Won a medal for being a member of the 1983 "WIMBY" Tournament Handicap Team champions. Had high average for both St. Paul and Minnesota ladies during the 1986-87 season with 205. Member of the 1990-91 Mpls. City Tournament Team champions. Won the Ladies' division of the Bryant Lake ABC Classic Actual Singles title in 1991. Competed once in the Greater Lakes Invitational Tournament (GLIT) and finished 2nd. Had high average in the Cameron Classic League for the 1986-87 season with 205, 1989-90 season with 197 and 1993-94 season with 203. Had high average in the Maplewood Classic League for the 1986-87 season with 198, 1987-88 season with 197 and 1990-91 season with 198. Had high average in the Royal Down's Master League for the 1987-88 season with 191 and 1988-89 season with 191. Had high average in the Cunningham Sports Classic League for the 1991-92 season with 204. Had the high average in the Ladies All Star League for the 1992-93 season with 207. Member of teams which won the St. Paul "Mixed" Tournament Team championship twice with one of those teams setting a new state record for mixed teams with a score of 2790 (232.5 average for 12 games). Led St. Paul ladies with high individual games for the 1991-92 season with 297 and the 1992-93 season with 299. Led St. Paul ladies in high series for the season during 1988-89 with 715. Has finished in the top ten in All-Events in St. Paul's "City" Tournament five times and the top five three times. Has made the finals in the Ladies Central Bowlers Association (LCBA) many times and once lead the qualifying. Was a member of the LCBA All-Star team four times and an LCBA All-Star second team member one time. Was a member of St. Paul's All-City team eight times and "Queen" of St. Paul bowlers seven times. High single game is 299 and high series is 742. Has rolled numerous 600-or-more series, twenty-three 700-or-more series and her high final season average to date is 207.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013