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Kenneth Rusk

Meritorious Service

Started bowling in 1938 at Flaherty's Rec. and later bowled in City league at Harkins, Flaherty's Twin City Classic and Midway Major league; held a 200 plus average and had games of 300, 290 and 287; two games of 280, 18 games of 279, 6 of 278, and several of 260. Has 19-700's to his credit; had 18 strikes in succession - finishing one game with nine and starting the next game with nine more; his best total was 75l. Won two tournaments on the same day, one in Superior, WI, and one in Duluth, MN. Has won eight tournaments, his team won the City tournament, shared doubles title with Fran Anderson, and won all-events. Member of several league championship teams as well as claiming high average, high game and high total trophies. Believed to have originated and carried out plans for the first summer leagues and the first mixed leagues here in the Twin Cities. The first year, during May and June, had twelve lanes filled from Monday through Friday with four or five on a team, and did the secretarial work so there would be no charge to the bowlers, leaving the funds for distribution to the league members. Also initiated and helped organize Junior bowling. In addition to his expertise on the lanes, considered to be one of the finest automatic pinsetter mechanics in the Twin Cities. A highly motivated, self starter, has learned the total structure of these automatic pinsetters. In 1964, Flaherty's was used by Brunswick Corp. as an experimental center for metal kickbacks and this was handled under his supervision.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013