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Mike Schmid

Pioneer Superior Performance

Shot first sanctioned 700 one day before he got his first 600 (16th birthday). Has a high series of 774 and 61 sanctioned 700's; one sanctioned 300 in CBA tournament in Las Vegas; has a 299 and two 290's. ABC tournament average of 199 plus a lifetime average for 19 tournaments of 195, ranking him in top 50. Won 2nd place in 1970 with 1999 All Events total; 715 in doubles in 1978 and 699 in 1970 in ABC. Finished 11th in Bowler's Journal tournament in Long Beach, CA; cashed in his first two PBA Tournaments which he bowled when only 19 years old. Finished sixth in regional PBA and 23rd in National PBA. Captured doubles title paired with Jack Wallisch in St. Cloud which included a 545 doubles game. Won three State titles; team in 1962, doubles in 1968 and all-events in 1978; and in 1979 at St. Cloud he totaled 2092 for All-Events. Has had 14 strikes in a row twice in leagues. Made U.S. team for 7th World FIQ tournament in 197l: won 1st, two 2nd's and a 3rd in Inter-national competition as U.S. representative in Miami, in Tournament of America's in 1970. Member of National Team Match Game tournament where he bowled a 710 while qualifying. Averaged 223 for 22 games in CBA tournament and 230 for 10 games. Made it to top 5 in CBA competition five times, and third was his best finish. Has won George Dodor Memorial trophy for high series in St. Paul City tournament with 697; high average in White Bear Dodge Masters league with 207 and won high average in six other leagues. Has averaged over 200 for 16 of last 18 seasons in league; has 14-600's in a row twice in league. Named King of St. Paul All City team in 1978 and has sponsored 15 to 20 teams a year for the last twelve years.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013