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Frank Schwartz

Pioneers of Yesterday

Started career in bowling by setting pins at Riverview Commercial Club Lanes in 1931 as a youngster. Due to his good bowling, he was soon invited to bowl with the men on their teams. Over the years he has bowled on many championship teams and was the Greater St. Paul Bowling Association champion in 1951-52 with a 701 total. Bowled a 279 game in ABC at Rochester, NY in 1956. High average in Prairie league in 1977 was a 195. Bowled a 288 game in Prairie league in 1980-81 season (at age 66) with a total of 718. Lifetime average is 188. Owned and operated Hi-Score Bowling Supplies Inc. from 1956-1973. During that time, his company sponsored an average of 40 teams per year, (both men and women) and helped promote bowling in various ways.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013