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Floyd-(Shorty) Stringer

Pioneer Superior Performance

Has three State titles to his credit--Team in 1955 and 1962, and paired with Howard Pousette to win Doubles crown in 1960. Member of two City Tournament championship teams; contributed a 705 total to 1956-57 Titlist and 615 in 1959-60. Participated in 23 ABC tournaments, reaching the 1800 All-Event figure twice. Qualified for ABC Masters tourney in 195l. Has won a number of individual tournament events titles. Rolled a 300 game at Stahl House in 1956. Aided in establishing All-Star league and served as secretary, then president. Contributed 741 series toward a record team total of 3513 in that league. Helped organize original All-Nations tournament. Charter member of St. Paul 700 Club. High league series 762--rolled twelve 700's in one season. Held high average at least one time in each league in which he bowled. Has sponsored many teams while owner of Sky Blue Waters restaurant.

Last Updated : Aug-23-2013