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Rosie Brown

Pioneers of Yesterday

Began her bowling career at Mauer's Bowling Lanes in 1947. She was the first woman to bowl a 600 series at Mauer's, a 605 in 1957. Her first 600 was two years prior and since then, has rolled many 600 series. She has many titles to her credit. In 1971, she won the St. Paul 600 Club Handicap Championship and again in 1975 was the 600 Club champion. She won the Elsie's Lucky 13 tournament in 1965. She was the Eagles State champion in singles and all events in 1972 and the singles champion again in 1978. Rosie and Doris Metraus were doubles champs in the Fraulein Kegle tournament in St. Cloud. She and her team won St. Paul City tournament in 1966-67 and 1970-71. Her high single game is a 269 and her highest three-game series is 651. Highest average was 180. She has bowled in 23 National WIBC tournaments and over 30 in our State and Local champion tournaments. She has bowled in the St. Paul All-Star and St. Paul Ladies City leagues over 25 years. Her team has won many league championships. She is a past director of the St. Paul 600 Club and has held many league offices during her many years of bowling.

Last Updated : Aug-22-2018