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Fran Weins

Pioneer Superior Performance

Began his bowling career at Marshall High School in 1939. Member of the St. Paul All City Team twice and the second team once. Won the St. Paul All Events title with 1942 in 1969. Averages have ranged from 195 through 208 for the last 35 years. Earned the George Dodor Award for High Series in the Team Event during the St. Paul City Tournament in 1971 with a 704 series. Has rolled one 300 and approximately 75 - 700 series. Won the 700 Club Tournament with a 918 total at Hafner's in 1972 and again in 1983 with a 853 total at the Stahl House. Member of the St. Cloud Kegle Championship Team and participated in nine ABC Tournaments having two All Events totals over 1800 and 12 consecutive strikes in the ABC at Madison, WI. in 1969. Won the High Average title in several leagues including the St. Paul Retail, the Stahl House Classic and the St. Agnes Men's Club leagues. Participated in 21 Peterson Classic Tournaments and has won 15 squad prizes. Joined the Navy in 1942 and was on several championship teams, averaging 204.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013