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Wally Wodke

Pioneers of Yesterday

Began his long career when he joined a church league in 1927 and, during the same year, started in a straightaway league. Started with a 200+ average and continued for eighteen years with a 200+ average in one or more leagues. His lifetime average is within the range of 196 to 200. High games include two 290s with a high series of 759 in 1932 in the Merchant's League. Averaged 205 in two leagues in 1939. Has rolled 42 700-or-more series. Has bowled in all of the major leagues in St. Paul. Was a member of the St. Paul City league from 1938 until his death in 1989 . This being a period of over 51 years in this league. Wally averaged 189 during the 1979-80 season; 186 in 1980-81; 176 in 1981-82 and 190 in 1983-84. Has participated in 32 "ABC" tournaments and received a plaque for his 30th year of participation. Has competed in 14 Petersen Classics and has bowled for 45 years in company leagues.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013