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Herb Zechmeister

Pioneer Superior Performance

Began his bowling career at Conrad's University Bowling lanes in 1935. Bowled in a pin boy league and averaged 172. Since then he has achieved many honor counts. Has rolled two 300s, five 299s and three 290s. Has over 100 700 or more series with a personal high of 796. His high average was 212 and composite average for the past thirty years is 200+. Was a member of the All City match game team in 1947-48. Was a member of the St. Paul All City team twice including "King" in 1967-68. Was the Minneapolis City All Events champion in 1965-66 with an 1899. Won two Central Bowler's Association (CBA) Qualifying titles. During the 1967-68 bowling season earned the following honors: won the Minnesota State All Events championship with an 1874, the St. Cloud Kegler All Events championship with a 2006, won the St. Paul All Star League average title with 210, had the high game of 299 and high series of 758 in the St. Paul All Star League and was a finalist in local qualifying for the National All Star (now the US Open). Bowled sixty games on local TV shows and won a high percentage of the matches including the locally televised program "All Star Bowling". Has won High Average titles ten times during his career.

Last Updated : Jan-18-2017