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Cheri Busson

Pioneer Superior Performance

Has bowled since 1958 and first tested her bowling skills in St. Paul's All Star League the 1969-70 season. In 1972, joined the City League. Since joining those two leagues, has always been in the top ten averages for both leagues. Has been Secretary for a mixed league bowling with her husband for twenty years. Is currently President of the St. Paul All Star League and has also been that league's Secretary. Also, for several years, helped coach junior bowlers. Has been a member of the championship team twice in each of the St. Paul All Star and City leagues. Was also a member of the team which won the St. Cloud Fraulein Kegler. In 1978, bowled for Christy Optical which placed ninth in Team event in the WIBC Tournament's Open Class. Once finished second in the St. Paul City All Events and once tied for sixth high average in the city for the Women's Bowling Association. Has participated in 14 WIBC tournaments and many state and local tournaments. Member of St. Paul's All City team seven times including Queen twice. Also a member of St. Paul's Honorable Mention All City team three times. Since 1964, has maintained averages ranging from 177 to 192. Has bowled over 100 600 or more series including 700 and 703. Her personal best game is 297 with a final high season average of 192.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013