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Al Chute

Pioneers of Yesterday

League bowler since 1930. Instrumental in organizing a number of leagues. Has been secretary of the Trade Union League for more than 25 years and primarily responsible for enlarging that league from 8 to its present 24-team roster. Wrote bowling column for that league in the Union Advocate for over 20 years. Member of Committee which reorganized the AFL-CIO tournament held annually in Rochester. Rolled 686 as captain of State AFL-CIO champions in 1968. Has served on board of directors of the Greater St. Paul Bowling Association the past 18 years and became its president during the 1971-72 season. Served several years in various capacities on the Hall of Fame committee and was chairman of many other association Committees. Won both Jerry Noonan and George Dodor City tournament awards in 1973, rolling an actual 708 series. Has several other 700's to his credit. Averaged 190 in his prime and still reaches the 180 mark in average.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013