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Clarence Coleman

Pioneers of Yesterday

Involved in St. Paul Bowling for the better part of four decades from the 1940’s through the 1970’s. He was the originator and helped organize the "St. Paul All Star League" in 1949. He ensured all teams were sponsored and uniformed and sponsored a team himself. Clarence is probably best remembered for his generosity by sponsoring the first live TV coverage of bowling in St. Paul. He sponsored many teams in over 30 years of bowling and at times sponsored as many as 7 teams in one season. Clarence was also an avid bowler with a high game of 258, a high average of 180 and a member of the St. Paul 700 Club. His generous support of bowling and many other sports in St. Paul was accurately described by Pioneer Press columnist Don Riley when he wrote "Clarence undoubtedly is the most popular sponsor of athletic teams in St. Paul. Never has he been known to refuse a request for a jersey or some other article of athletic equipment from any player who ever stepped into his business office, regardless of creed or color.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013