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Betty Danner

Pioneers of Yesterday

Betty began bowling in 1950 at Robert Street Bowling and Union Depot.  Bowled in Thursday Pleasure (Hi Rollers League) for 37 years (29 years as Secretary-Treasurer).  She is currently bowling in 2 Leagues. Betty’s Hi Series is 661 in 1991-92 Season, Hi Game of 269 in the 1985-86 Season and a Hi Average of 175 in the 1991-92 Season.  She was honored as the Secretary of the Year in 1983-84 by the St. Paul Women’s Bowling Association.  Betty was also elected to Director of the St. Paul Women’s Bowling Association in 1987 and served for 18 years.  Accomplishments in Bowling include: Division 1 Team Champion in 1989-90 at Royal Downs, Bowled in 19 City Tournaments, Bowled in 20+ State Tournaments, Bowled in 13 National Tournaments and Delegate to the National Convention for 14 years.  She was also a Certified Lane Inspector from 1993-2005.  Betty also volunteered at State Tournaments in 1992, 1997 and 2002.  Duties as Director were the following: Chairman of the St. Paul Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame Committee for 8 years, Chairman of the Women’s Bowling Association All City Committee for 10 years and also served on Awards Committee for a number of years.  She has been serving on the USBC Hall of Fame Committee since 2006.

Last Updated : Aug-22-2018