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Paul Doherty

Pioneers of Yesterday

Bowling involvement began over fifty years ago. During that time distinguished himself as an Association Board Member, Proprietor, Sponsor and bowler. Was Minnesota State Bowling Assn. Director from 1952 thru 1971, and President for the 1971-72 season and is currently an Honorary Life Member for that same Association. Was a member of the St. Paul Bowling Proprietor's Assn. While in the bowling business at Midway Gardens and Toppies, sponsored many bowling teams. Bowled in the St. Paul City, Minnehaha Classic, St. Paul All Star and White Bear Masters leagues. Has also served as President for several of those leagues. Is a member of the St. Paul 700 Club and is currently bowling in two leagues. Bowling achievements include winning the Minnesota State Doubles title with Hall-of-Famer Joe Kolodziej, being a member of the St. Paul "B" Division Team champions for 1983-84 and bowled in the National All Star Invitational in Chicago in 1950. Was a member of the Honorable Mention All City team, rolled a high game of 298, a high series of 761, a high four game score of 1132 and has a final high season average of 202. Present average is 175.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013