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Les Anderson

Meritorious Service

Began bowling at the age of 17 and continued until his death in March of 1979, a span of 52 years. During these years he participated in all aspects of the game and served as secretary-treasurer of the Hillcrest Classic league and its predecessor, the Payne Avenue Classic league, for 29 years. Was a member and/or life member of the board of directors of the Men's Association for more than 40 years, serving as its president during the 1949-50 season. Was proud of the fact that at the time of his death, he was one of only two men to have served as president of both the Men's Association and the "700" Club of St. Paul. Had numerous 700's to his credit; his first was also his largest, a 766, which included a 297 game. His high average was 199+ which he accomplished in the Payne Avenue Classic league. Participated in many ABC tournaments over the years and never missed the City Association Championship tournaments. At the age of 68, bowling on a team with three sons, he bowled a 660 series which was high in the league for that season.

Last Updated : Jun-17-2013