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Arlene Eck

Pioneer Superior Performance

Member of the St. Paul Women's Bowling Association Executive Board for ten years. She presently is serving as Sergeant-at-Arms. Finished 13th in the finals of the National All Star Tournament, 1956. Finished 7th in the finals of the World's Invitational Tournament, 1957. Twice State All Events Champion and holds the record for this event with a total of 19l4 bowled in 1959. Member of State Championship team. Member of City Championship team, shared City Doubles title, and twice City All-Events champion. Has been a member of every All City Team and has been Queen of the St. Paul Women bowlers five times. High average of 189 in 1959. Member of St. Paul 600 Club, with a high of 685 and still maintains a high average.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013