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Carolyn Eckhardt

Pioneer Superior Performance

Started bowling in WIBC leagues in 1965.  She bowled in as many as 5 leagues a year in the early 1980's. Her top average was 190 during the late 1980’s, which she repeated in the 94-95 season.  She has three 700's to her credit with 716 being the highest.  The 716 was bowled at Vilo lanes in St. Cloud.  Her top single game is 275. 
She has been a member of the All City team (twice), member of the All City Team second team (four), claimed the St. Paul City singles title with 671 in 1974-75, Queen of the All City Team in 1984-85, won the State Scratch All Events title in 1985 with a score of 1785, captured the State 600 Club championship in 1987 with a score of 637.
She has bowled in twenty-five WIBC National tournaments and 29 State tournaments.  She also served as Secretary of the Flaherty's Flairs league for 7 years.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013