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Carole Edwards

Meritorious Service

Carole started bowling in 1959 and has bowled ever since.  She has been an active member of the Board of Directors for the Women's St Paul Bowling Association since 1900-91 season and is a current Director of the St  Paul USBC Association.  Some of the offices held wee the following:  Director St. Paul 600 Club (1994-2000); Director/General Member St Paul YABA (1986-2002); Lane Certification for 10 years and level 2 coach for 15+ years.  State offices held are the following:  Sergeant  at Arms (YABA State)(2002-2006); Director of State YABA (1988-2002); Chairperson of WBA Nominating for 1 year and Chairperson of WBA Credential for 1 year.
Carole has bowler in 26 National Tournaments and has attended a number of State and National Conventions since being elected tot he Board in 1990.  She has served in all League Offices for many bowling league and is currently an active bowler.  Other contr4ibutions include: Worked Special Olympics in Bowling Venue 93 times); Helped out in the International Special Olympics; Has worked a Pro-Am Tournament. Tame USA, Queens, St Paul 600 Club, WBA, State, City Mixed and Open tournaments.  Carole has also been active in many City and State youth Tournaments.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013