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Emery Englebretson

Meritorious Service

Member of the Board of Directors of the Greater St. Paul Bowling Association the past 20 years and a past president of the organization. As chairman of the Board's Historical committee, undertook two research projects covering a span of seven years. The first carried to completion the roster of Association past presidents dating back to the year 1903; the second involved the early history of bowling in St. Paul (1877-1903). Member of Minnesota State Bowling Association Board of Directors the past eight years. Served as original secretary of the St. Paul Bowling Hall of Fame when it was established in 1962, later became vice president and then served three terms as president. Became the first secretary-treasurer of the St. Paul Junior Bowling Association when that body was organized in 1963. Later served as vice-president. Helped establish the local BPA Junior Traveling Leagues in the early 60's and was coach of the Southwest section for eight years. Served as secretary of the Harkins Recreation League (1935-36), then the Mohawk Chief League (1960-61). Co-chairman of Junior tournament held in conjunction with ABC meet in St. Paul in 1965. Wrote bowling column for St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press during last half of 1938-39 season, called "Down Everyone's Alley". High average 203, in St. Paul City league (1936-37). Has rolled eight 700 series with a high of 765. High single game 279, with four others of 278. Recipient of ABC belt buckle award for "eleven-in-a-row" in 1965-66 season. Has participated in league bowling for 53 consecutive years.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013