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Fred Gosewich

Pioneers of Yesterday

Widely known in City, State and National bowling circles; especially in administrative capacities throughout the period 1903 thru 1921. Elected 3rd Vice-President of the ABC and served at that position from 1903-08, served as 2nd Vice-President for the period 1909-10, as 1st Vice-President for the period 1911-12 and elected to the ABC Executive Board in the years 1913, 1914, 1919 and 1920. Turned down a chance at the Presidency of the ABC because of his work as clerk of probate court. Became the St. Paul Bowling Association's first Secretary in 1903. Later, held the positions Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President and President of that organization. Served as Minnesota State Association President from 1905 thru 1906. Elected to the Executive Board of the International Bowling Association in 1915. Served as President of the St. Paul City League from 1903 thru 1918. Member of early St. Paul City Tournament Association Executive Board. Delegate to numerous ABC conventions. Shared Minnesota State Doubles championship with Harry Muggley in 1906. Average in upper 180's in the years when a 190 average was a rarity.

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