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Lorraine Hansen

Meritorious Service

Began bowling in 1948 at Hammond Lanes and is still active. Bowled in leagues in Iowa from 1962-69 due to job transfer.  Won the City Doubles Championship in Fort Dodge Iowa in 1963. Returned to St. Paul and went to Midway Bowl in 1970 and continued to bowl in at least two leagues ever since. Currently bowls in three leagues and is secretary on two of them.  High average was 170 with a high series of 626 and high single game of 257.  Has participated in 30 State tournaments, 30 city tournaments and 18 WIBC National Tournaments. After retiring in 1992 joined the St. Paul Women’s Bowling Association and served as a director until 1997 when she was elected treasurer and currently holds that same position.  Some of her jobs since joining the Women’s Association include: Chairman of the Budget Committee, Secretary’s Gifts, Secretary’s kits and annual Food Drive; Chairperson for merchandise Sales at the 1997 and 2002 State Tournaments in St. Paul. Has served as Co-chair for the St. Paul Senior Mixed Tournament for last several years. Has been the director of St. Paul 600 Club for the last several years. Worked on the Audit Committee for the State Treasurer in 2002-03.  Works with the Secretaries workshops at the annual meetings each year and volunteers her time to go out to leagues and help setup programs for new secretaries.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013