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Gary Arntzen

Pioneer Superior Performance

Gary started bowling in 1959 at the age of 8 in Duluth.  He became the first junior to shoot a 700 series in Duluth and also averaged 195 in the 1967-68 season, which was a new record at the time.

Gary has 23 Association Titles, including 6 Minnesota State Titles: State Actual Team in 1996; State Handicap Team in 1996; State Actual Team in 2000; State Handicap Team in 2000; State Team All Events in 2000; State Team All Events in 2001. 

He has 13 St. Paul Titles: City Team Actual in 1995; City Handicap Team in 1995; City Actual Doubles in 1994 (1499 Tournament Record); City Handicap Doubles in 1994; City Actual Team in 1997; City Handicap Team in 1997; City Actual Doubles in 1998; City Actual Team in 2000; City Handicap Team in 2000; City Actual Team in 2002; City Handicap Team in 2002 and St. Paul Team Challenge in 1994 and 1999.   

Four Minneapolis Titles: Actual Doubles in 1996 and Minneapolis Team Challenge in 2000, 2002 and 2003. Other Titles include: 1999 Midwest Team Challenge and 1978  Garden Center (Alexandria) doubles.  Gary was a member of the All City 1st Team in 1996 and 2nd Team in 2000. He was also a member of the Budweiser All Star League Championship Team in 1998-99 and 1st Team MSC in 2001.

He has bowled 2-299's, 16- 300's, 4-800's and has a high series of 813 with a high average for one year of 240.53 (formerly a State Record and as of 2002-03 The St. Paul Record). He is married to Jan and has three children named Kristi, Gary and Theresa.  He is also the owner of the On Track Pro Shops which are located throughout the Twin Cities.

Last Updated : Jun-17-2013