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Mary Hoisser

Pioneer Superior Performance

Began bowling in 1971. Was elected to All City First Team 2 times and was the queen in 1983-84. Elected to All City Second Team 3 times. Division 1 City All Events champion in 1992-93 and won the Virginia Pechacek Award the same year.
Won the Minnesota State Tournament Doubles in 2000 with a 1271 actual. Two Ladies Central Bowlers Association titles one of which was the U.S. Open Champ in 1984 and also elected to the All Star Team the same year. Two LCBA/CBA Doubles Titles.
Her highest average is 202, her highest series is 785 and her highest game is 300. The 202 average came in 1982-83 and was the first time a woman averaged over 200 in the St. Paul Association. Was elected President of the St. Paul 700 club in 1991-92 (first woman president).

Last Updated : May-26-2016