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Juette Holseth

Meritorious Service

Owner of The Metro Bowler.  The Metro Bowler has been involved with "all aspects" of bowling in St. Paul (in addition to the rest of Minnesota) since the 1975-76 bowling season.  This newspaper has helped promote most bowling activities including local, city, state and national bowling tournaments since 1975.  The Metro Bowler has been an active partner in the Bowlers Recognition Dinner, fundraising activities for two ABC Presidential inaugural galas (Bovitz and Tessman), St. Paul Masters, St. Paul Mixed Tournaments, St. Paul Senior Tournaments, and the men's and women's St. Paul "City" Tournaments.  This newspaper has given the St. Paul Bowling Associations and proprietors weekly access to its members and has never missed a deadline. 
In the twenty-six years since its inception, over 850 issues have reached the bowlers of St. Paul providing its readers with the information they seek.  The Metro Bowler has given recognition to tens of thousands of St. Paul men, women, juniors and seniors for high games, high series and other noteworthy accomplishments on the lanes.  The print used to cover the issues in the first twenty-six years if stacked and put into the space of a regulation size basketball court (46 ft. x 85 ft.), would reach almost 19 feet high or over 1.5 stories!  Became a staff member of The Metro Bowler the second year of its existence.  Since then, she has been a typesetter, done much of the writing, editing, key lining, selling, and delivery of the newspaper.  A member of the Minneapolis Women's Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category.  She is currently owner of West Side Lanes.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013