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Robert Jensen

Pioneers of Yesterday

Involvement with bowling began in 1949. Since then, he has distinguished himself as a bowler, bowling proprietor and bowling sponsor. His bowling achievements include being an active bowler for over 35 years. During that time he bowled in many straight-away leagues, carried averages in the mid 190s, and captained many league championship teams. In 1962, he won the St. Paul "City" Singles Actual title with 706, the St. Paul "City" All Events Actual title with 1948, and the St. Paul "City" All Events with Handicap title with 2008. In 1965, was awarded the "Grain Belt Sports Salute" for his recent amateur bowling achievements. Bob once had the pleasure of rolling a 210 triplicate series. He competed in many ABC tournaments with the first being in 1957 and also many Peterson Classic Tournaments. High single game is 286 and high series is 737. Has rolled twenty-two 700 plus series and has a high final season average of 204. Industry achievements would begin by mentioning that he sat pins at Larry's Rec. during his high school years. In 1955, he started working at the Stahl House for Herm Meyers and Ed Stahl as both lane manager and machine man. In 1970, bought the Stahl House. Was a member of City, State, and National BPA organizations for many years. He is a past President of the St. Paul "700 Club" and hosted the "700 Club" tournament for over 20 years at the Stahl House. He has sponsored about 15 men's and women's bowling teams each year for many years.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013