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Joyce Johnson

Pioneer Superior Performance

Started bowling 1958 and is currently bowling in 3 leagues. She has won the High Average Award at Minnehaha Lanes many times. She also won High Game and High Series Awards in the Minnehaha’s ‘500’ and ‘600’ Clubs. Elected to the St. Paul WBA Board of Directors in 1983 and served as a Director until elected Treasurer in 1986. Served as Treasurer until 1997. She became a life member in 1998. While serving on the WBA Board she attended Leadership Training Seminars and Workshops and was a delegate to several State and National Conventions. Served on the following committees: Budget and Finance, Hall of Fame, Secretary Gifts, Food Drive, Awards Dinner, Publicity and Legislative. She was also instrumental in developing the first St. Paul WBA average book. She also served on the State Nominating Committee for one year.
Has bowled numerous WIBC National Tournaments including the WIBC Queens Tournament in St. Louis and has also bowled over 30 State, City, St. Paul City ‘600’ Club Tournaments. She was the State All Events Champion in 1981and tied for City All Events Champion with Louise Cram in 1983. Won the St. Paul City High Game Award in 1980-81 with a 287 Game. Won Vilo Lanes, St. Cloud Tournament, Doubles event with Beth Tessman-Maule. A member of the St. Paul All-City Team four times (1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83 and 1983*84) and an honorable mention member in 1986-87. Has a High Series of 699, a High Game of 287 and a High Average of 189.

Last Updated : Oct-26-2016