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Edward Kurhajetz

Meritorious Service

Was president of the Greater St. Paul Bowling Association for two years (1962,1963-64) and has served on the men's board of directors since 195l. A member of Hall of Fame Committee from its inception in 1962 until 1974, and served as president of Hall of Fame for seven years. He competed in 15 ABC meets and was an ABC delegate 12 times. A league secretary for over 20 years and maintained a lifetime average in various leagues between 175 and 180. Has been a member of the men's State Board of Directors for 11 years. Has chaired many committees of the men's City Association. Has been instrumental in sending 225 teams to men's and women's State meets since 1967; more than 385 teams to the women's and men's City meets since 1962, 20 teams to 195l ABC, 6 to 1952 ABC, 8 to 1953 ABC and 31 to 1965 ABC. Was member of committee which was instrumental in securing 1965 ABC Tournament for St. Paul. Has been a league bowler since 1934. Has a career high game of 279 and 665 series.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013