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Matt Lang

Meritorious Service

Began his bowling career in 1961 in a men's handicap league. From 1963 to 1983, served as a league secretary. For a ten year period, during this time, served as secretary for three different leagues concurrently. Part time, from 1967 to 1976, worked as a pin chaser, mechanic, and counter person at Falcon Bowl. From 1976 to 1984, worked as Assistant Manager at St. Bernard's Lanes. During that time, he organized two mixed doubles leagues. In 1970, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Gr. St. Paul Men's Bowling Association (GSPMBA). In 1978, was elected Vice President of the GSPMBA and served as it's President during the 1983-84 season. In the Fall of 1984, was appointed Assistant Secretary of the GSPMBA and, in September of 1985, was appointed Executive Secretary of the GSPMBA and, through 1996, currently holds that position. In 1982, was elected as a Director to the Minnesota State Men's Bowling Association (MSMBA) and was elected 2nd Vice President of the MSMBA in 1995. In 1990, created a Lane Certification & Lane Dressing video to assist in the training sessions for members of the St. Paul men's and women's associations to establish a combined Lane Certification/Dressing Committee. Copies of this video were distributed throughout the state to help other associations develop their own combined Lane Certification Dressing Committees.
Has established a good working relationship with the Greater St. Paul Women's Bowling Association (GSPWBA) by establishing "combined" league distribution meetings, "combined" house rep programs, and conducted "combined" secretary workshops. Established an agreement to share the office space used by the GSPMBA with the GSPWBA. This resulted in a more efficient operation for both associations. Created a photo & biography album of each of the members in St. Paul's Bowling Hall of Fame. Originated one statewide Women's Singles Tournament, the Minnesota Land-O-Loons Tournament, the St. Paul Team Challenge Tournament, the St. Paul "City" Mixed Tournament and serves as a Director for the Minnesota "State" Mixed Tournament. Served as a Minnesota delegate to the National Convention twenty times. Served on the National ABC "Red Tape Action" committee from 1994 through 1996. Served as a chaperon for the National Coca Cola Championships in 1986, been a State Coordinator for Team USA from 1990-92, served as a Volunteer for Team USA's National Finals in 1994, served on the committee for Vince Bovitz's ABC Presidential installation in 1975 and Jerry Tessman's Vice Presidential installation in 1989 and is currently the chairperson for Tessman's ABC Presidential installation to be held in June, 1997. Bowling accomplishments include participation in three National Mixed Bowling Championships, 25 National ABC Championships, and for thirteen years assisted Jerry Tessman as a squad organizer of fourteen teams to the National ABC Championships.

Last Updated : Oct-15-2014