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Paul Barthol

Pioneers of Yesterday

Began his bowling career in 1918 at the Bilbow Lanes. Is still an active bowler at age 74, covering a span of over 55 years. Was a member of the first team in St. Paul known to come out with colored shirts. Together with his wife, supervised two Railway Express national tournaments held in St. Paul in 1962 and 1970. At age 61 rolled high actual series of 658 in 1961 City Tournament. Has four 700 totals to his credit, two of which were rolled at age 70. At that same age, held high average in two leagues, 199 in Midway Enterprise and 198 in the Capitol City loop. Won the National Seniors All-Events title (six games) in 197l with a total of 1205, which stands as a record to date. Participated in four leagues in the 1973-74 season with a composite average 179.

Last Updated : Jun-17-2013