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Robert LaVick

Pioneers of Yesterday

Began his bowling career in 1945 setting pins in Hopkins and has been involved with bowling ever since. His first organized league competition was in 1951 on a squadron U.S.A.F. Team in El Paso, Texas. The first year was the Class "B" All-Events champion in their "City" tournament. Final high season average was 210 in the St. Paul Classic League in 1959-60. Has rolled 34 700-or-more series with a high of 769. His high games are 288 and 299. Competed in the "ABC" tournament ten times and once rolled an 1817 All-Events series while participating in that tournament. Competed in the "Petersen Classic" in Chicago ten times and also competed on the "All Star Bowling Show". Led the Coleman Loan team to a 3238 actual score with a 758 series to win the "St. Paul City" actual Team championship in 1959-60. Was runner-up for the Jerry Noonan award and was again a member of the "St. Paul City" Team champions in 1960-61. Won the "Tom Trainer Classic" in 1959 with a four game score of 940. Was also active as a member of the Greater St. Paul Men's Bowling Association for two years (1958-59 and 1960-61) representing the White Bear area. Served as President of the "St. Paul 700 Club" for three years. Organized the Northwest Masters League in 1964 and served as it's first President. Was Secretary of the Hillcrest Major League for six years and also Secretary of the St. Paul City league for two years.

Last Updated : Oct-26-2016