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Jerry Loomis

Pioneer Superior Performance

Began his bowling career in the Junior Leagues in Jamestown New York.  He finished with the second highest average in his junior league as a senior.  He managed a bowling alley with a friend for a while in 1972 before going to work for Ramsey County Human Services Department as a caseworker and is now a financial assistant specialist. He started bowling in St. Paul in 1973 when he joined two leagues.  He joined his first classic league in 1975 (Hillcrest Classic at Hafner’s) which he bowled for twenty years from 1975-95 with a composite average of 198.2.  Jerry was a member of the St. Paul All-City Second Team in 1987-88. His team moved to Park Grove Lanes in 1995 and joined the Shannon Glass Classic.  His sponsor was On Track and on January 11, 1197 set the Minnesota State five man team scratch series record of 3716. This lasted until January 12, 2004. Jerry averaged 224.72 (his highest average ever) for the 2003-04 season at Park Grove Lanes and has a composite average of 217 for his eleven years at Park Grove Lanes.  He also bowled in the Minnehaha Classic from 1980-2006 with a composite average of 210.  He also bowled in the Auto Jobbers League from 188-2004 at Maplewood with a composite average of 212. Jerry finished 7th overall at the Peterson Classic with an 8 game total of 1664 in 1997 and won the best 4 game optional event with a 958 scratch total.  He also finished 5th in 1984 and 3rd in the 1996 St. Paul Masters Tournament and then 6th in the St. Paul Senior Masters Tournaments in 1998 and 2001. Jerry also finished second at the Nissan Scratch Singles Tournament in North Dakota in 1989 and won Minnehaha Open Team Event in 1990 and finished second in 1991. In 1997 he and his teammates rolled a 2922 which is currently the second highest 4 man team record in the State of Minnesota.  He has bowled 13 300 games, 6 299 games, 3 800 series and over 300 700 Series in his lifetime.  He has bowled in 25 consecutive ABC National tournaments with a composite average of 195.  He bowled a 753 series in the Singles event in Tulsa and a 290 game in the Doubles event at Reno in 2004. He has competed in 21 St. Paul “700” Club Tournament with a composite average of 203.39.  He was a member of the St. Paul All City Second Team in 1987-88.  He has placed 5th in the 1984 and 3rd in the 1996 St. Paul Masters Tournaments.  He also placed 6th in the 1998 and 2001 St. Paul Senior Masters Tournaments.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013