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Eddie Maehren

Pioneer Superior Performance

League bowler 23 years. Lifetime average over 200. Has a 197 average for 18 ABC tournaments. Three sanctioned 300 games and a high series of 806. Member of ABC Team All-Events champions in 1957 and Classic Division Team Champion in 1965. Has a National All-Star average of 198 for 220 games and World's Invitational average of 202 for 220 games. Member of two State Championship teams in 1950-1966, also captured State All-Star title in 1963. Holder of three City Championships (doubles, 196l; team, 1960 and 1969). Won four City match game titles. Winner of Minneapolis Tribune Classic in 1955. Captured 700 Club title twice. Member of the St. Paul All-City team three times.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013