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Marge McAllister

Meritorious Service

Began her bowling career in 1952 and has league bowled continuously since. Has served various leagues as either President or Secretary/Treasurer. Served on a committee that set up the St. Paul BPA Traveling "A" League and was a charter member and first President of that league. Bowled in Northwest Masters League for 19 years and the Ladies City League for 26 years. Elected to the WBA Board in 1971 and served that position for six years. Served as Chairperson of the first and third Bowler's Recognition dinners. While on the board served on the All-City Team, Budget and Finance, Awards Dinner, Average Book, Legislative, Nominating and Auditing committees. On committee that developed the first association records and average book and served on that committee for several years. Served as delegate to state and national WIBC conventions and attended many state workshops and conventions. Promoted and coordinated youth bowling in the schools both through physical education programs and as rewards programs. A junior bowling coach and coordinator for 15 years and served on the St. Paul Junior Board. Recipient of Youth Bowling Plaque from St. Paul Junior Board in 1989. Instrumental in establishing bowling programs for mentally and physically challenged youth and adults in the north suburbs. Worked one-on-one in these programs and coordinated programs through the schools and group living facilities. Promoted and coordinated bowling fund raisers to support the "challenged" programs. Recipient of the Community Service Award in 1985 from ARC of St. Paul. Encouraged and promoted Senior Bowling with lessons, bowling socials and leagues. Served for many years as chairperson of the St. Paul WBA Auditing Committee and helped to incorporate a new system for bank deposit record keeping. Served on the "600" Club Dinner Committee and Picnic committee and bowled in approximately 30 "City" 600 Club tournaments, 25 "State" 600 Club tournaments, and several "Metro" 600 Club tournaments. Bowled in close to forty "City" association tournaments, thirty-plus "State" association tournaments, and 26 WIBC "National" tournaments. Sponsored many bowling teams over a 23 year period. The St. Paul "City" Singles champion in 1972, the Minnesota "600" Club champion in 1980, a member of the third place team in the national WIBC tournament in 1982, and the recipient of the St.Paul "600" Club Memorial Award in 1989. Has a career high 268 game which she achieved three times, a high series of 670 and has a high final season average to date of 180.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013