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Robert Meunier

Pioneers of Yesterday

Bob's bowling career began in 1938 when he was employed as a pinsetter in Peshtigo, WI.   Peshtigo's claim to fame is that it completely burned down at the same time as the Chicago Fire and 1400 people died.  O'Leary's cow had more paper presence so it never even got into the paper.  Bob learned to bowl by setting up pins, bowling and then setting up the pins again.  Through the years he has bowled on multiple leagues and has also ran a bowling center in Menomonee Michigan for a season.  His high game was a 296 bowled in Rettke's Center in Marinette, WI.  His highest season's average was a 188.  Bob's greatest contribution to the game of bowling has been as an originator and coach for the junior bowling program at Hero's (originally Park Grove Lanes).  The program was established in 1959 and is active today with an average of 350-400 junior bowlers each season.  An Adult-Junior Tournament at Hero's Lanes has been named for Bob in his honor for all the effort expended and a winner is posted each year. Bob has coached one to two leagues the entire 38 years he was associated with its operation.  He was secretary for the program from 1959 through 1980.  He coordinated the Junior Bowling Banquet each year.  Bob has introduced many young people to the game and has developed a life long love of it for many young bowlers.  He was also active in other parts of the Community: delivering Meals on Wheels, Chapter President for the National Association of Retired Federal Employees from 1984-90 and State President for the same organization from 1990 to 1998.

Last Updated : Jan-01-2013