(Rules revised 8/9/2016 to apply beginning with the 2016-17 season.)



All USBC certified male bowlers are eligible provided they:

a. Bowl at least 60 games in a St. Paul fall/winter league and

b. Average 195 or better in that league.

A St. Paul league shall be defined as a league which bowls at least 50% of its games in centers under the jurisdiction of the St. Paul USBC Association.



1. Bowlers with the top 5 averages in St. Paul leagues shall be awarded points on a 10-8-6-4-2 basis provided that:

a. They bowl at least 60 games in that league,

b. They averaged 195 or better in that league,

c. The league has a composite average of 185 or better,

d. The league has at least 20 members, and

e. If a mixed league, at least half of the league members are men.

Ties for any of the top 5 positions will divide the points for those positions equally. For example, if two bowlers are tied for the high average, they will divide 10 + 8 = 18 points, and each will receive 9 points. The next highest average shall receive the points for third place = 6 points.



2. The top 5 actual all events scores of eligible bowlers in the St. Paul Open Championships, the Minnesota Open Tournament, and the National Open Tournament shall receive points on a 10-8-6-4-2 basis.



3. Eligible bowlers who finish in the top 16 places in the St. Paul Masters or the Minnesota Masters shall be awarded 8, 7.5, 7, …, .5 points if they finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, …, 16th place respectively.



4. Each actual 700 series bowled in the City, State, or National tournaments will receive 1 point.



5. Points will be awarded for the following certified scores bowled in any USBC certified competition under the jurisdiction of the St. Paul USBC Bowling Association, in the Minnesota   

     Open Tournament, the National Open Tournament, or the Minnesota Masters.

800 series – 2 points;   300 game – 1 point



6. The top 3 scores of eligible bowlers in the AA Division of the St. Paul 700 Club Tournament receive points on a 3-2-1 basis.


Tie Breaker

Tie Breaker for All City Team to determine the top 10 bowlers.  If a tie occurs in point totals, the person with the Highest Scratch All Events Score in the St. Paul Open Tournament will awarded the tie.  If another tie occurs, the Highest Scratch All Events Score in the Minnesota Open Tournament will be used.

*The tie breaker will be used if a tie exists for King, placement of 1-5 on All City team or 6-10 on Honorable Mention team.

Last Updated : Aug-18-2016