All City Team

The Men's and Women's All-City teams were originated following the 1956-57 season by Bob Schabert, Bowling writer for the St. Paul Dispatch-Pioneer Press.
The paper presented plaques for the 1960-61 season to the bowlers signifying the honor. 
The St. Paul Associations took over the selection sometime in the 1960's. 
In 1980 came the addition of the Honorable Mention/Honorary Team. 
Then in 1999, the Youth boys and girls All-City teams were added.

The St. Paul USBC Association honors bowlers who bowled well during the bowling season. 
The bowlers who bowl in St. Paul sanctioned leagues are eligible and earn points based on a specified criteria. The five bowlers who receive the most points are named to the All-City Team and the next group of five are named to the Honorary Team.

The All-City Team will receive plaques and the Honorary Team will receive certificates. The female bowler receiving the most points is name the Queen, the male bowler receiving the most points is named King, the youth girl receiving the most points is named Princess and the youth boy receiving the most points is named Prince of St. Paul Bowlers.
These awards are presented at the Bowler's Recognition Dinner held annually the last Sunday in October.


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Last Updated : Jun-27-2013