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December 10th, 2017 
Submitted by: Wells Wescott and David Hoglund – St. Paul Team Challenge Chairpersons 
On the 2nd Sunday of December in South St. Paul, Minnesota, the 21st Annual St. Paul Limited Average Mixed Challenge was held at Concord Lanes. This tournament is a handicapped all Baker Format style of bowling where the first bowler bowls the 1st and 6th frames, the second bowler bowls the 2nd and 7th frames and so forth.  Teams are comprised of either 3 men and 2 women and or 3 women and 2 men with a maximum combined average of 950.  Handicap is provided based on the team average at 100% of 950. 

The top prize of $600.00 for first place was not the only thing the teams were shooting for as we ran brackets during the qualifying rounds.  In addition, there was a $125 bonus for the first team to shoot a 300 score. The tournament paid the top twelve teams and awarded metals to the top three teams.   

The Qualifying round of the tournament consists of 10 games with the top 8 teams moving on to Match Play competition.  The top 3 teams after Match Play then move on to the Step Ladder finals.   
During the Qualifying competition of the tournament, The Drkula’s team, captained by Colleen Hartley led the field with an average of 215.4.  The lowest average to qualify for the eighth position was 203.0 and an average of 198.9 was required to cash.  The eight teams moving on to Match play competition were:

  • Drkula’s
  • Tri Max Direct
  • Weber’s Wood
  • D Y B Pro Shop II
  • What are we Doing Here?
  • Fab 2
  • Slow Hand Drkula’s​
  • Farmers Daughters – Drkula’s

During the Match Play Competition, the Weber’s Wood team averaged 222.1 to achieve the 1st place ranking followed by Drkula’s with an average of 204.0 and The What are we Doing Here team with an average of 204.8.  Match play competition consists of 7, two game matches and a position round match of two games. Winners of each game in Match Play receive 15 bonus points and the team with the highest total during the match receives another 20 bonus points. 
In the stepladder semi-finals, The Drkula’s team bowled games of 201 and 213 for a total of 414 to narrowly defeat “What are we Doing Here?” (185, 227 total 412) and a chance to bowl Weber’s Wood for the championship.  In the finals, Weber’s Wood bowled games of 215 and 192 for a total of 407 while The Drkula’s team bowled games of 192 and 196 for a total of 388 and win the 2017 St. Paul Limited Average Mixed Team Challenge. 

At this time, we would like to congratulate the team members of the Weber’s Wood team; Nicole Reese, Steven Leafgren, Gregory Niles, Steve Weber, and Janell Niles.  Additional, thank you, to all of the bowlers that participated in this great event and finally, we would also like to thank; Concord Lanes, Mike’s Pro Shop, the St. Paul USBC Association, and the Bowling Proprietors Association for their financial assistance. 

No team bowled a 300 score during the qualifying round of the tournament. Therefore, a drawing was held for those teams not cashing.  The bonus of $125.00 for the Baker style 300 game was awarded to the On Track Eagan team captained by Brad Gregory. 

The 22nd Annual St. Paul Limited Average Mixed Team Challenge is planned for December 9th, 2018 at a Bowling Center TBA and will be open to the first 32 paid entries.  Paid entries will be accepted starting in September and typically close by the first week in November.

Submitted by:
Wells Wescott and David Hoglund
Tournament Chairperson’s


  • Nicole Reese
  • Steven Leafgren
  • Gregory Niles
  • Steve Weber
  • Janell Niles



  • Colleen Hartley
  • Nicole Difronzo
  • Christopher Nelson
  • Scott Ranstrom
  • Josn Anderson



  • Walter Robbins
  • Sharon Robbins
  • Jolene Kelley
  • Jeffrey Braumberger
  • Tami Braumberger


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