12th Annual Scratch Match Game Championships

Entry Form

April 26th, 2014
2245 Hudson Rd, St Paul MN 55119

USBC Certification 08542  

$1,566.00 Scholarships to be awarded
(Based on 108 entries)

Tournament Rules:

1.                   The tournament is open to all USBC certified Youth & Collegiate bowlers.

2.                   The entry fee will be $25.00, with the cost of bowling being $10.00, .50 for expenses and $14.50 going to the scholarship prizes.  All scholarships will be sent to the SMART program account 9888.

‚Äč3.                   $1566.00 in scholarships will be awarded (based on 108 entries) as follows:
1st place - $500, 2nd place - $325, 3rd place – $240, 4th place – $160, and 5th place – $125.  “High Game Out” will be paid to the boy or girl having the highest single game in the qualifying round but was unable to advance/cash in the match play stepladder finals.  In case of a tie, the money will be split evenly.  Additional $500.00 donated by the St Paul USBC.    Based on available scholarship, additional payback may be made upon discretion of the Tournament Management.

4.                   The format will consist of three (3) phases:

a.       Qualifying – 6 qualifying games bowled on one 9:00 am shift over six pair of lanes, starting lane to be determined by draw, with a maximum of 6 people per pair.  One spot for the 2014 Junior Gold Tournament will be awarded after 6 games. Top male or female based upon Junior Gold qualifying requirements.  2014 Junior Gold tournament will be held in Syracuse NY.


b.       Match Play – top 16 bowlers bowl match play as soon as all scores are tallied (any ties for top 16 will be broken by a full game roll-off).  In match play, bowlers will be divided into 4 groups of 4 bowlers based on 6 game qualifying totals.  Group A will consist of bowlers 1-8-9-16, group B will consist of bowlers 2-7-10-15, group C will consist of bowlers 3-6-11-14, and group D will consist of bowlers 4-5-12-13.  Each bowler will bowl each of the other bowlers in his or her group in a one game match, with the winner receiving 30 bonus pins (15 bonus pins for each bowler in case of a tie).  The champion of each group will be the bowler with the highest pin fall in match play including bonus pins.


c.        Stepladder Finals – The champion of each group will advance to the stepladder finals ranked 1-2-3-4 based on match play pin fall including bonus pins.  The fifth stepladder finalist will be a “wild-card” entry – the non-group winner with the highest match play pin fall including bonus pins.  Ties for the top 5 positions will be broken by using 6 game qualifying totals.  These 5 bowlers will then bowl a stepladder final.  Ties in the stepladder matches will be broken by a 9th and 10th frame roll-off.

5.                   All bowlers will compete in one division.  There will be no distinction for age or sex. 

6.                   Email address will only be used to notify you of tournaments and specials.  Your email address will not be sold or used for any other purpose.

7.                   Bowlers should check in at least one half hour before the qualifying shift.  If a bowler is not present at the assigned time, a replacement may be used and the missing bowler may forfeit his or her entry fee.  Bowlers will receive a zero for any frames missed.  Please submit entry form and fees as soon as possible.  Entries will close April 26, 2014 at 8:45am or when 108 entries have been received.  Please send completed entry form and fees to:

Last Updated : Mar-26-2014