Womens Secretary of the Year

Beginning with the 1983-84 season the St. Paul Bowling Association has selected a Secretary of the Year. 
This person has been honored at the Bowlers Recognition Dinner and presented with a suitable engraved plaque.

The items reviewed for selection include :

  • Leadership - A well organized and smooth running league with no problems.
  • Dedication - The number of consecutive years of service to a league.
  • Responsibilities - The fulfillment of all duties as secretary as described in the USBC Rule Book.
  • Other Services - Additional Services to the league beyond required secretarial duties.

Recipients of the Secretary of the Year Award

Season Name League - Center
1982-83 Grace Neumann Senior Belles - Hafner's Lanes
1983-84 Betty Danner Thursday Hi Rollers - Hafner's Lanes
1984-85 Bev Kilde Monday Nite Owls - Diamond Lake West
1985-86 Gail Ugro Monday Morning Coffee - White Bear Bowl
1986-87 Joan Hanson Thurs Afternoon Pleasure - White Bear Bowl
1987-88 Diane Vacek Trio League - Minnehaha Lanes
1988-89 Lorraine Cameron Faith Lutheran Ladies - Minnehaha Lanes
1989-90 Norma Larson Timber League - Maplewood Bowl
1990-91 Ruth Milota Flying Pins - Minnehaha Lanes
1991-92 Delta Johnston Wednesday Night Ladies - St. Croix Bowl
1992-93 Betty Herzog Wednesday Afternoon Pleasure - St. Bernards
1993-94 Chris Hendry T.G.I.F. - Maplewood
1994-95 Sharon Ackerman Morning Glories - Maplewood Bowl
1995-96 Joan Leitner UFO's - Minnehaha Lanes
1996-97 Carlynn Lubinsky Monday Nite Owls - White Bear Bowl
1997-98 Helen Wolfe Tuesday Rockets - Wells Fargo Lanes
1998-99 Doreen Horbach Untouchables - Valley Creek Lanes
1999-00 Jean Opatrny Get Away Gang - Minnehaha Lanes
2000-01 Linda Arnold Sundae Nite Mixers - AMF Maplewood
2001-02 Martha Tolefree Columbia Women - Midway Pro Bowl
2002-03 Mickie Alexander Tuesday Alley Cats - West Side Lanes
2003-04 Dona Nickerson Thursday Afternoon Pleasure - White Bear Bowl
2004-05 Glenda Benjamin Heros's Honeys - Park Grove Lanes
2005-06 Roberta Ellis Ladies Night out - Flaherty's
2006-07 Reene Thanig Pintwisters - Stillwater Bowl
2007-08 Carol Martin Jr Leagues – Flaherty’s
2008-09  Lori Mestenhauser Saturday Nite Mixers - Cedarvale
2009-10 Janice Cirhan St Francis Ladies “A” – St Francis
2010-11 Donna Hemmer 5 Slammers - AMF Maplewood
2011-12 Judy Pilz Hi Fliers-White Bear
2012-13 Lorraine Hansen Pin Splitters & Classic Jackpot-Flaherty's Arden Bowl
2013-14 Betty Herzog The Early Mourners-AMF Saxon Lanes
2014-15 Gail Levesque Wednesday 3 Man-Cedarvale
2015-16 Lezlie Antoncich Masonic Rollers - AMF Saxon, Sunday Goers - Flaherty's
2016-17 Debra Ostlund Northern Lights - PINZ
2017-18 Sue Keen Gutter Ball 8 - Sunray

Last Updated : Oct-30-2018